Goodleigh Parish Council

Goodleigh Parish Council usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month, all are welcome to attend. With effect from March 2020 the meetings will begin at the earlier time of 7:00pm.

With the social distancing measures implemented by the government, parish council meetings have been suspended until further notice.

In addition to being available on this page, agendas and minutes are displayed on the noticeboard outside the village hall.

Chairman's Notes


The parish council is funded from two main sources, a payment from the district council and a precept which is part of the council tax.

The parish council's expenses have been fairly stable for many years and there have only been small increases in the annual budget, which has allowed us to leave the precept pretty much unchanged.

For the last few years the payment from the district council has been under review, but to date has not been reduced, if it is reduced, or removed altogether, we will have little choice but to increase the precept.

Separately to above there are a number of services that have been cut back, most noticeably highways aspects that are normally delivered by the county council, for example clearing drains and gullies.

As a parish council we need to decide whether to try and do some of the things that are no longer being undertaken by other authorities, but to do so we would probably need to increase our budget, the implication of which is that the cost will be passed on to residents in the parish as a precept increase.

It would be helpful to have feedback from parishioners about budget priorities and potential precept increases, so that we can consider people's views when deciding what course of action to take.

Proposed Development NexT To Village Hall

I have spoken with the developer about the movement of soil into the field adjacent to the village hall, in particular the associated mess it caused on the road and adjacent properties, he has assured me that measures will be put in place to prevent a recurrence. I raised this at the next Parish Council meeting (Feb19) and the Parish Council has requested formal assurances as part of the planning process to try and ensure that this sort of disruption is minimised if planning approval is granted.


We have a mirror to install on the corner at the top of Church just needs Alex & Alex to be around at the same time to get it installed.

I have contacted DCC Highways department to seek advice about options to prevent dangerous parking at junctions (generally, but not limited to, during school drop-off and pick-up and Longlands Close). Their advice has been to recommend reporting dangerous parking to the police. Our County Councillor is arranging an onsite meeting with a representative from Highways so that we can discuss further options.

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