Some of the following is based on what I have been told, but pre-dates my time in the village so may include some inaccuracy. And please do bear in mind that this is my personal view of things, which may not necessarily be the same as the Parish Council's!

The speed of vehicles through Goodleigh has been a contentious issue for as long as I have been living in the village, I am told that the small islands at the side of the road in some places in the village were created to act as a speed deterrent. There is a theory that an unwelcome side-effect of the layout is that it made it more difficult to park outside what used to be a shop in the village and potentially led to the shop closing and being converted to flats.

More recently we established a Community Speedwatch group, but there was insufficient support/volunteers to make this sustainable. What was interesting from this exercise was that the vast majority of vehicles observed were not speeding, although due to the topography many appeared to be travelling too fast. Community Speedwatch has the potential to be effective (any vehicles using excessive speed will be sent a warning letter by the police, repeat offenders will be visited by the police). With sufficient interest it may be possible to re-establish this group, I was/am the coordinator, so if you are interested please contact me.

We are currently investigating the possibility of having one of the temporary flashing sign things for any vehicles exceeding 30mph, though the cost of hire may be prohibitive.

We will also be revisiting whether a 20mph speed limit is worth pursuing, but there are a raft of rules around this which do appear to be a little nonsensical and may make it a pointless exercise.

Other options that have been discussed over the years:

  • More traffic islands - but there would be a direct impact on the already dire parking situation.
  • Speed humps - might be effective, but is likely to increase noise for any residents in the near vicinity.

The only effective speed deterrent I have seen is average speed cameras...something that is not viable in Goodleigh!

If you have any ideas please come along to a meeting and share your thoughts.