Vehicles speeding through Goodleigh has been discussed on many occasions over the years. If you are reading this I suspect it is because you have observed speeding vehicles, before going any further it would be worthwhile thinking about the scope of the problem, is it the majority of vehicles or a small numbers of vehicles, for example at a particular time of day?

The following are things we have considered previously, though to date only Community Speedwatch has been implemented.

Speed Limit Reduction

Some villages have implemented 20 mph zones or limits, but when we have previously looked in to it, there was either little expected benefit (the people who speed in a 30 mph limit will probably continue to do so in a 20 mph limit) or resistance to additional traffic calming measures (due to noise and environmental impact).

As far as I  can tell the only realistic option for the road through Goodleigh would involve frequent speed humps of some description and the main question is whether there is majority in favour of this or not.

The Department for Transport has published guidance with respect to the introduction of 20mph limits or zones it includes:

Successful 20 mph zones and 20 mph speed limits are generally self-enforcing

To achieve compliance there should be no expectation on the police to provide additional enforcement beyond their routine activity 

Research into signed-only 20 mph speed limits shows that they generally lead to only small reductions in traffic speeds. Signed-only 20 mph speed limits are therefore most appropriate for areas where vehicle speeds are already low.

at least one physical traffic calming feature within a 20 mph zone

There is a good summary on the ROSPA site: https://www.rospa.com/road-safety/advice/drivers/speed/20mph-zones-and-limits/

Speed Notification Sign

This has been discussed and remains a potential option, but there remains the question of whether the people who habitually speed will take any notice of such a sign, hence the earlier question about what scope of speeding is a concern.

I will request an up to date cost for hiring one of the signs, so that we can review whether it is something that should be reconsidered.

Community Speedwatch

We had a Community Speedwatch group up and running several years ago. The exercise identified that the vast majority of vehicles were not speeding, although due to the topography many appeared to be travelling too fast.

Details about the initiative are here: https://www.communityspeedwatch.org/

We tried to resurrect this last year, but it relied on me to move things forward, which I did not have the time to do.  If someone is willing to take the lead on organising the group and there are people willing to be team members it should be possible to get this running again.