Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 6:30pm at Goodleigh Parish Church, and via Zoom.


Present:                       Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), S Clarke, Mrs C  Karniewicz, Dr S Ley and A Seaford.


In Attendance:            6 members of the public, Parish Clerk.


65.       Items from the public

1.         Acorn Developments. The matter was being dealt with by the legal dept at North Devon Council. Following errors made by NDC regarding the West Down application, the Goodleigh application was being closely monitored by the parish council and district councillor to ensure that the same mistakes aren’t repeated.   

2.         Tree Beech. Concerns were expressed that the views of residents weren’t reflected in the minutes of the meeting or response to NDC. It was agreed to capture parishioners views and concerns in the future. It was noted that neighbours were unhappy with the latest report from the planning department, who did not appear to be putting enough pressure on the developer to fulfil all the conditions made on past applications.


66.       Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr M Prowse (NDC) and Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC)


67.       Approval of Minutes of meeting held 3 August 2021

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


68.       Matters Arising from the Minutes      



69.       Co-option of Parish Councillor

            Mr Thorne had expressed an interest in being co-opted onto the council, to fill a long standing vacancy.

            Cllr Gockmann proposed that Mr Thorne be co-opted. Seconded by Cllr Dr Ley. All in agreement.

            Cllr Thorne took his place on the council.


70.       Reports

1.         District Councillor

                  None – District Councillor not present.


2.         County Councillor

                        A report had been received from County Councillor Mrs Davis:

                        Highway engagement with Parish councils.

The Parish Council will shortly receive a letter regarding “Doing What Matters” and how planning highway maintenance links with this important project.  DCC will pilot a new way of working.  The aim is to understand the routes within the parish which residents/visitors feel are the most important and gain more valuable local knowledge within the Highway team.

Currently DCC use technical data from specialised vehicles which travel along the network of roads and scan them for defects/weaknesses.  Local knowledge from Parish Councils and other road users also feeds into this and would like the parish council to have an input into what you consider to be the priority routes within the parish together with any known issue such as drainage.

I will be sending out a map of the parish and will be asking ask that you identify the top 2 priority routes within the parish and any locations of known drainage issues that you would like to be investigated/considered. In identifying your routes it would be good if you could consider the following points:


             What routes you think are most used and important to your residents/visitors

             What problems you are aware of on the road/footway

             Which roads/footways you feel need to be maintained within the Parish in priority order

             If you are aware of any drainage problems

             Special events/dates when we should avoid undertaking works

             Issues which people raise with you in relation to highway maintenance



05.10.21 - 2


There will be other highways issues that you would like us to consider such as speeding, vegetation and signs but at present we would like the parish to focus on the maintenance of the roads within the parish.

This is just a ‘heads up’ to what will be coming to you and gives you some time to think about the routes which are your top 2 priority routes.


Funding available for organisations to support self-isolating residents

Devon County Council is launching a new fund to help community organisations provide practical, social and emotional support to Devon residents self-isolating due to COVID-19.

The grants of up to £5,000 for small projects and £20,000 for larger projects can be used to help those self-isolating with any caring responsibilities; accessing food and other supplies; practical tasks such as dog walking; and mental health and wellbeing support to address things like loneliness and boredom.

Groups can also use the money to improve their community’s awareness and understanding of the government’s self-isolation rules, including when you need to self-isolate, how long for, what it involves and why it is a vitally important part of slowing the spread of COVID-19, as well as what

The legal requirement to self-isolate for ten days if you test positive for coronavirus, or you are an unvaccinated contact of someone who does, remains a critical part of breaking the chains of transmission by preventing those who are infected from mixing others and passing on the virus.

This financial support to the organisations that are doing innovative and inspiring work to reach people within their communities, particularly the most vulnerable, and help them to remain well-connected and resilient as we face the challenge of managing coronavirus over the winter.

To help ensure vital support reaches those who need it most, the council has identified particular communities that could be prioritised, including areas of socio-economic deprivation; multi-generational and high occupancy households and occupations with high COVID-19 exposure risk as well as Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, certain religions, faiths and nationalities linked to increased risk and people with disabilities or impairments. They are also keen to focus funding on under-represented communities such as LGBQ+ and trans or non-binary gender, Gypsy, Roma and Travellers, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and people with dependencies on drugs or alcohol in contact with services or experiencing homelessness and rough sleepers.

Applications will be accepted from constituted and not-for-private-profit voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector groups and organisations, town and parish councils, charities, very small groups who have no independent bank account (who have an eligible sponsor) or a combination of such groups working together. Devon County Council is working in partnership with Devon Communities Together and the wider voluntary and community sector to support community groups wishing to access this fund.

For more information about the COVID-19 Outbreak Management Grant, including how to apply, please visit


Challenge Fund launched to help growth of Community Energy sector

Devon County Council is making £200,000 available through its new Community Energy Challenge Fund, as part of its efforts to support economic recovery following the pandemic.

Not for profit organisations, public sector bodies and community groups across the county will be able to bid for one-off grants of between £1,000 and £25,000. The scheme will help enable the development of a handful of pilot Community Energy Projects, and assist more people in accessing local Community Energy initiatives and supply chains.

Applications must be submitted by 12noon on Monday 8 November 2021 and application information is available at  Successful projects must spend the funding by 31 March 2023.

With more than 500,000 homes in Devon needing to undergo a “green retrofit” to become more energy efficient by 2050 and meet the Zero Carbon targets set by central government, the scheme will also fund places on accredited training for community retrofit courses to gain qualifications as advisors, assessors and co-ordinators.

Devon is currently home to 22 community energy organisations – that’s more than any other county in the UK. They run more than 60 community owned renewable projects, which have generated over 17,400 MWh of clean green energy, saving 6,080 tonnes of CO2 emissions and

05.10.21 - 3


helping more than 2,700 homes to save on energy bills and increase their energy efficiency. These organisations have also raised over £14 million of investment and created more than 30 full time equivalent jobs.

The Challenge Fund will aim to capitalise on the economic opportunities within the sector, in line with the aspirations of the Team Devon Covid 19 Business and Economic Recovery prospectus.


Coronavirus updates from Devon County Council

The link below may be of interest to residents with the situation changing and many interested in what is happening locally this link is a useful starting point for questions and the current situation in Devon.

The link takes you to the Covid-19 pages on the Devon County Council Website, it has daily updated information as to positive cases within the area, information about testing and track and trace.


71.       Planning 

1.         Applications:   None received.

2.         Application 73309 – Cross Cottage, Northleigh.

The application had been withdrawn. The applicant was currently considering whether to proceed with just a residential access, or to include business use.

Cllr Gockmann offered to discuss the matter with the planning officer in order to obtain further information,


72.       Tree Beech

            Already dealt with under item 65.


73.       Longland Close Play Area

It was noted that the play area was being heavily used. The general condition had not deteriorated since the last report. To be discussed at the next meeting.


74.       Playing Field Management Plan

It was noted that the hedges needed cutting. Cllr Gockmann proposed that all the hedges were cut this year, before implementing a management plan. Seconded by Cllr Thorne. All in agreement.


75.       Correspondence

1.         A letter of resignation had been received from Cllr Cloake. NDC to be notified.

2.         Notification of a Road Closure from Collard Bridge to Chelfham Cross for pole testing on Monday 6 December.

3.         Notification of a Byway Closure – Stoke Lane – 4-8 October for surface repairs and drainage works.


76.       Surface Water/Drains/Highways

The road to the school was in a very poor state. It was agreed that a letter from the school to DCC may increase the likelihood of repairs being carried out quickly.

            Potholes were reported between the village and Goodleigh Cross, and on the Coombe Close junction.


77.       Neighbourhood Plan

            Cllr Dr Ley offered to contact Mr Cloake regarding the Neighbourhood Plan information that he held.


78.       Christmas Lunch

The Chairman expressed his concerns over holding the lunch this year in view of the expected rise in Covid cases.

            It was agreed to gauge the level of interest in the parish via Facebook before making a decision.


79.       Matters from the Chairman               










05.10.21 - 4



80.       Finance

1.     Payments

NDC – Emptying dog bins                     £117.00            Cheque No. 909

Goodleigh United Church                      £  40.00            Cheque No. 910

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                     £170.49            Cheque No. 911

Came & Co – insurance                         £608.30                   Cheque No. 912

                        North Devon Homes                             £    7.50             Cheque No. 913      


The five accounts were approved for payment.


81.       Items for the next Agenda:

Highway Engagement;  Longland Close Play Area;  Play Area Management Plan;  Mirrors;  Neighbourhood Plan;  Christmas Lunch.


82.       Date of next meeting: Tuesday 2 November 2021  



There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed.




Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . .                                 Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .