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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held via Zoom on Tuesday 3 November 2020 at 6:30pm.


Present:              Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman),          S Clarke, M Cloake, Dr S Ley and A Seaford.


In Attendance:    Cllr M Prowse (NDC),    Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC), Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting


27.     Items from the public



28.     Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mrs C  Karniewicz,   


29.     Approval of Minutes of meeting held  6 October 2020

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


30.     Matters Arising from the Minutes 

Min. 19.      The Chairman reported that he had been unable to post anything on the facebook pagr regarding maintenance of hedges. Cllr Cloake offered to do this.

                  It was noted that the bottom drain had been cleared, but that the other drains were blocked by leaves. It appeared that this was the main problem. Concerns were raised that it may be difficult in motivating householders to clear the leaves outside their properties to prevent the drains becoming blocked.


31.     Sale/Lease of Land at the Playing Field

It was agreed that the matter would need to be considered very carefully, and that it should not set a precedent. The Chairman confirmed that the council owned the land, but that it was subject to a covenant with the United Reform Church.


32.     Reports

1.      District Councillor

Cllr Prowse reported that cases of Covid-19 at the council had caused problems.

Current restrictions meant that the museum and leisure centre were closed, but that the car parks and toilets were remaining open.

Details on monthly government grants had been received. This included a discretionary fund equivalent to £20 per head and a £1.8m grant to help businesses who may otherwise fall through the net.

Changes to the national building policy could result in North Devon Council having to increase its present housing allocation by 60%.

The council’s finances were looking ok for this year, but future years were looking difficult.

Problems were being experienced in West Down with Acorn Developments, the same company that was developing the site opposite the village hall in Goodleigh. Although originally agreed, the provision of affordable homes on the West Down site had subsequently been withdrawn by the developer. It would be necessary to ensure that the building in Goodleigh conformed to the agreed plans, and that all the trigger points would need to be closely monitored. Cllr Prowse would be obtaining a copy of the S106 agreement, and would be seeking legal advice.


2.      County Councillor

                  A report had been received from Cllr Mrs Davis, and circulated to councillors.


Coronavirus updates from Devon County Council

The link below may be of interest to residents with the situation changing and many interested in what is happening locally this link is a useful starting point for questions and the current situation in Devon.

The link takes you to the Covid-19 pages on the Devon County Council Website, it has daily updated information as to positive cases within the area, information about testing and track and trace.


Help for Vulnerable Children and families

Devon County Council will continue to work with district councils to ensure hardship support is available to vulnerable children and families across the county this winter and pledged extra funding to ensure no child goes hungry.


DCC have already allocated £1.7 million this year through a shared hardship fund to ensure that the most needy children and families in Devon do not go hungry. The county council holds a further £100,000 in reserve for additional hardship funding this winter.

Devon County Council shared £1 million of its funding between the districts alongside a further £700,000 from the Government. This is currently supporting grants to people and families suffering hardship across Devon.

Around £600,000 of this is still available and I would urge anyone who needs help providing food for their children to apply for this extra assistance through North Devon district council’s helpline.

To find out more about what support is available in Devon, including how to apply, please visit the Devon County Council website.


                  New streetlighting contract 

All of Devon County Council’s 79,000 streetlights will be converted to LED lights within the next two years – reducing carbon emissions by 75%.

It comes as SSE Contracting (SSEC) has been awarded the contracts to maintain the streetlights in Devon and Torbay for the next 10 years – with the aim of the contract being carbon neutral by 2030.

The company will be building on the work it has undertaken for the County Council for more than 25 years, which has already seen around 34,000 streetlights converted to low energy LED technology since 2015, as well as the replacement of more than 5,400 streetlighting columns. It will also look to improve the county’s Central Management System to remotely monitor and operate lighting more flexibly and efficiently.

The streetlighting contract is extremely important as we continue to reduce our carbon emissions, and this new contract will enable us to develop our well-established collaboration with SSEC. Streetlights account for a significant amount of the Council’s emissions, and working with SSEC will help us make further energy and carbon savings. The conversion to LEDs alone will reduce carbon emissions by more than 15,000 tonnes each year, the equivalent of taking 8,000 cars off the road.

SSE is also committed to all of its vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes being electric by 2030, and for its depots to be carbon zero by 2025. Its regular supply chain partners are also aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.


New Funds available for Carers breaks

Recent research suggests that nearly two-thirds of unpaid carers have not been able to take any breaks at all in the last six months because they’re too busy caring for someone else.

And that four in every five carers are currently providing more care than before lockdown, with three quarters saying that the needs of the person they’re caring for have increased recently.

Having a break from their caring role is vital, and yet the idea of asking for it is sometimes mired with guilt. It shouldn’t be. Accepting help where it’s available is really important. Carers can’t continue to provide the care their loved ones or friends require if they’re run down, physically and mentally.

Devon County Council and NHS Devon CCG are making grants of between £1,000 and £15,000 available to care providers, personal assistants, and carers themselves who can develop and provide innovative opportunities that will give other carers a break, during COVID-19 and beyond.

Carers feel that they can have a break when the person they’re caring for is otherwise safe, well and where possible engaged or occupied in something that interests them.

Money is available to people who can provide those break opportunities in ways that work during coronavirus. That might be a care provider, or an individual, who can provide a ‘sitting service’ into people’s home, to allow the carer time to leave the house to do whatever they need or want to do.

It could be a carer or a group of carers coming together to provide a safe space for people who are being cared for, to give their carer a break. Or it could be a service, or someone who can provide time to take a cared-for person out for a few hours, to give their carer a break.

We are deliberately not being prescriptive with this. We know that many services that have traditionally provided breaks for carers have struggled to continue during COVID-19, and that people have understandably been more reluctant to allow people into their homes.

Details about the Replacement Care Innovation Fund, including eligibility for it are available on Devon County Council’s website  To register your interest in applying for funding, email


Local Highway issues

Goodleigh Road- following the high rainfall some of the supporting land under the road washed away, the traffic lights are to prevent vehicles onto the unstable area of road. The flooding issue is a separate problem, all the gullies have been cleared and jetted but the leaves had re blocked the gullies a week later. A camera survey was carried out of the pipe across the road and there is already a scheme to add extra gullies but there is damage to the cross pipe too blocking the gully.

A plan of action is being drawn up to deal with the drainage issue as a matter of urgency.

Update regarding the structure side of the highway, this is the area the traffic lights are protecting. There was a drilling team on site just before half term, doing soil sampling and bore holes.  As soon as our engineer has their report, he can proceed with completing the structural design.

The Structures team will liaise with drainage to try to minimise the time that the temporary traffic lights are on site, however the works required by the two teams are in different lanes of the carriageway, so may require swapping the TM over once one team has finished their works.


Northleigh Hill

Permit is in place and the Agent advises they have been prepping the site today, ready to start main works tomorrow.


Reminder about reporting a highway problem:

telephone: 0345 155 1004


33.     Planning 

No planning applications had been received.


34.     Surface Water/Drains/Highways

         No issues raised.


35.     Parish Climate Change

         Item deferred to the next meeting


36.              Neighbourhood Plan

         Cllr Prowse agreed to forward the relevant information to Cllr Dr Ley.


37.              Correspondence Received

         1.      DALC Newsletter. Noted.

         2.      Clerks & Councils Direct. Noted.


38.              Matters from the Chairman          



39.     Finance

1.    Payments

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                £87.34                 Cheque No. 885

Came & Co Insurance                       £507.05                Cheque No. 886

Mrs J Snooks – Internal Audit            £100.00                Cheque No. 887

Mr D Mallabone                      £700.00                Cheque No. 888


The four accounts were approved for payment.


40.              Items for the next Agenda:

         Acorn Development,  Climate Change,  Neighbourhood Plan,  Public attendance at Meetings.


41.     Date of next meeting: Tuesday 1 December 2020 


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7:06pm.