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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 7:30pm in Goodleigh Village Hall


Present: Cllrs A Gockmann(Chairman), MMs L Boyle, Cloake, Mrs C Karniewicz, Dr S Ley, Mrs P Newell and A Seaford


In Attendance: 3 members of the public, Cllr M Prowse (NDC), Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting


115. Items from the public None.


116. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC).


117. Approval of Minutes of meeting held 4 October 2018

Minute 95 was amended to read It was stated that it was not just farm traffic involved in the reported damage . . . . .

The amended Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


118. Matters Arising from the Minutes

It was noted that the Minutes of the August meeting implied that it was farm vehicles that were responsible for damage to the hedges at Northleigh, whereas other large vehicles used the lanes, and were also responsible for the damage.


119. Reports

1. District Councillor

Cllr Prowse reported that the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan had finally been adopted.

Bids for running the theatres in Barnstaple and Ilfracombe had now closed. He was hopeful for an improvement to the quality of shows etc at the two theatres.

Cllr Prowse was fearful that another attempt may be made to reduce and remove the Parish Grant over the next two years. This measure would be opposed by some councillors at it would hade a serious effect on small parishes.

A governance review was taking place into means of involving more councillors in decision making.


2. County Councillor

A report had been received from Cllr Mrs Davies, and had been circulated to councillors.

The report is attached to these minutes.


120. Planning

1.              Applications:

64973: Erection of 17 dwellings (amended plans) at land at Coombe Cross Goodleigh  grid ref: 259645; 133972


It was noted that the proposed entrance to the development had been moved closer to the Village Hall.

The size of the proposed play area was considered to be sufficient for the needs of the village.


It was resolved to recommend approval in principle, subject to the agreement of detail.


65615 Erection of 3 polytunnels for horticultural purposes together with extension to access track Ostler Cider Mill Goodleigh


It was resolved to recommend approval.


64945 Change of use & conversion of buildings to form one dwelling Chelfham Mill School Goodleigh


It was noted that the access had been moved from the previous application, to provide improved visibility. The application also provided for better visibility for the exiting from the Stoke Rivers road.


It was resolved to recommend approval, subject to the County Engineer being satisfied with the proposed road changes.



2.              Decisions :

None received.


121. Woodland Trust

No response had been received.


122. Christmas Lunch

It was agreed to issue a cheque for 250 to Cllr Mrs Newell to purchase the necessary food etc. Receipts to be supplied.

It was agreed to hold a meeting to make the final decisions.


123 Neighbourhood Plan

The draft questionnaire had been circulated to members of the Steering Group. It was suggested that an additional question asking for helpers be included.

A meeting of the Group would be held on 20 November.

124. Emergency Plan

A copy of the Emergency Plan had been circulated to councillors.


125. Correspondence

1. NDC advised the next Parish Forum would be the following evening at Brynsworthy.

2. Notification of the adoption of the Local Plan had been received from North Devon Council.

3. DALC Newsletter. Noted.


126. Surface Water/Drains/Highways

1. Road at Northleigh

It was noted that property owners were at liberty to protect their property provided that it did not infringe on the public highway. It was agreed not to progress any further on the matter.

It was reported that the drains near the school were till blocked, as was the one in Hoggs Lane.

Although the overgrown hedge at Combe Close was not impeding traffic, it was causing problems for pedestrians walking to the school and the church. Highways to be notified.


127. Matters from the Chairman



128. Finance

1.    Payments

J & J Bins 26.00 Cheque No. 799

Goodleigh Village Hall 25.00 Cheque No. 800

Clerks Salary & Expenses 83.77 Cheque No. 801

North Devon Homes 7.50 Cheque No. 802

Mr D Mallabone – grass cutting 700.00 Cheque No. 803

Mrs P Newell – Christmas Lunch 250.00 Cheque No. 804

The six accounts were approved for payment.


129. Items for the next Agenda:

Neighbourhood Plan; Christmas Lunch; Woodland Trust; New Residents Pack.

130. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 4 December 2018, at the Methodist Chapel.


Cllr Ms Boyle gave her apologies for being unable to attend the next meeting.


131. Items from the Public



There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting.




Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

















Goodleigh Parish Council

County Councillor report

November 2018


A reminder of how to report a highway problem..

Phone 0345 155 1004 or 0845 155 1004

Please make a note of the reference number so I can follow up any issues arising.


Food Waste

A very successful Food waste conference was held in Crediton recently, the event was called The Cutting Edge it looked at Food Waste Prevention opportunities across Devon.


The initial idea for a conference on food waste prevention came from the joint working group of Devon local authorities, the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee that is DCC, Torbay Council and the 8 district councils of Devon.


The committee is set up to achieve the aims and objectives of the Resource and Waste Management Strategy for Devon. This is due to be updated early next year when the Government publishes their own Strategy later this year. The aim of the conference was to get the participants involved in developing the food waste prevention element of the Strategy.


The focus on food waste prevention took on new energy when an analysis of 1800 black bags/bins from across Devon and Torbay was carried out on behalf of the Joint Committee in October 2017. The results showed that despite nearly all the authorities collecting food waste separately, 30% of the rubbish in those black bins was food waste. Overall, 40.8% of the contents of the residual bin were found to be recyclable with the current systems the cost of sending this material to disposal instead of recycling is 6.7 million.


This has led to behavioural change campaign work focussed on helping householders to reduce their food waste such as the Guilty Food Waste Secrets Competition to win a FridgeCam. The messages are communicated by the authorities RecycleDevon team, in schools, at roadshows and via social media.



Devon has consistently been one of the top four recycling counties in the UK over several years.

Unfortunately, three quarters of households (76 per cent) continue to include items to their recycling collections that are not accepted locally this can cause problems in the recycling process. More than half of those households (54 per cent) put at least one item in the general rubbish that could be recycled.

As a reminder please would you help by pushing the messages to your Parish and Town councils and of course residents:

Recycle more bathroom items. Almost a quarter (24%) of plastic shampoo and shower gel bottles and 19% of cleaning product bottles dont get recycled. By recycling more empty containers you will help increase Devons recycling rate.

Make use of your local food waste collections* - any cooked or uncooked food waste,

including bones and carcasses, can be put in your food waste collection or used for composting.

If youre at all unsure about how to recycle a specific item, can show you exactly what needs to go in the recycling bin where you live.


Highway Update from DCC

Really good progress has been made over the last few months in completing structural works on the road network, by the end of August we had completed over 50% of all the work on the non-principal network.


There was some concern amongst County Councillors about progress with the gully cleaning programme last year, this year Skanska are ahead of programme at approximately 60% complete. Work starts with earnest on the 1st October on the cleaning works allowed for within the extra monies that were given to the highways team this year.


And finally, many of the salt bins are full and ready for the winter. Teams are also out replenishing the grit bins and good progress is being made on this, if you come across a bin that has been missed please report it to the number at the top of this report, thank you.



Structural repairs A399 and B3230

Both works are vital. The roads need to be closed during the works for safety reasons. The A399 Combe Martin scheme will stabilise an embankment next to the highway while the B3230 Blakewell scheme involves the construction of a new retaining wall to stabilise the road.


Both schemes were timed to avoid the peak summer season and the B3230 Blakewell scheme was planned in consultation with local businesses, so it falls outside their busiest periods.

It is essential that both schemes are completed before the cold weather and by carrying them out at the same time we will be reducing the total length of time road works are in place in the area.


A399 Combe Martin

The works to stabilise the slope above the road have been progressing well. The contractor has completed the site clearance, and is now drilling anchors into the slope to help stabilise and allow fixings for the netting. Once the clearance works were complete a Geotechnical Engineer assessed the slope stability. Due to more of the slope being deemed potentially unstable, extra anchors and netting is now required. To carry out this extra work the road will need to be closed for a further 2 weeks (now ending on Friday 9thNovember).


B3230 Blakewell Fisheries

The works on the B3230 near Blakewell Fisheries are progressing well, with the final section of mass concrete retaining wall being cast today (19th Oct). Next week the contractor will be aiming to backfill the wall and install a new road drainage system, before commencing with the masonry walling work the following week. Once the masonry walling is under way, we will be reassessing the site with an aim to identify whether the road can be reopened under temporary traffic lights for the remaining duration. This decision will be based on both safety and practicality aspects and we will issue an update on this in due course.


Devon County Council understands the inconvenience that these road closures cause to the local communities, however the safety of the road users is paramount and these works are necessary to ensure this safety. The contractors are working as quick as possible and the roads will be re-opened when the works are complete, or reach a stage where it is safe to do so.


However, there are contingency plans in place and I have been assured that both sets of works will be constantly monitored and could be reopened under traffic lights if it is safe and practical to do so.

Official diversions are in place and the A39 from Blackmoor Gate to Barnstaple could beanother option for some motorists.


Diversions are a recommended route only, using roads of equal category to that on which the road works are taking place. Theyre not compulsory, and people with good local knowledge of alternative routes are able to use those if they wish to. Readers can be assured that well get the job done as quickly as we can.


Overnight closures planned for North Devon Link Road near Tiverton

From Monday (5 November), both westbound lanes will be open and the eastbound outside lane from Uplowman Bridge to Junction 27 of the M5 will be closed 24 hours a day.


Both eastbound lanes are scheduled to be closed overnight between 7pm and 7am from Monday 19 November to Sunday 25 November.


Contractor Mildren Construction is carrying out the upgrade of the road surface and drainage on 6.5km of the road on behalf of Devon County Council.

More information and details of diversion routes are availableor to sign up for alerts for this scheme please go to


Parish Salt

If you require salt and havent yet ordered it please would you email me with the following details:


1. Which would you prefer : 1 pallet of 40x25kg bags or 1x1 tonne dumpy bag? –

2. Address and postcode to deliver to and any access delivery issues

3.A contact name and phone number


Andrea Davis

County Councillor Combe Martin Rural