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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 7 May 2019 at 7:14pm at Goodleigh Village Hall.


Present: Cllrs A Gockmann, S Clarke, M Cloake, Mrs C  Karniewicz, Dr S Ley and A Seaford.


In Attendance:  4 members of the public, Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting


1.             Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

1.       Chairman

Cllr Seaford proposed Cllr Gockmann be elected as Chairman of the parish council for the coming year. Seconded by Cllr Dr Ley. All in agreement.

         2.      Vice Chairman

                  Cllr Gockmann proposed that Cllr Seaford be elected as vice Chairman. Seconded by

Cllr Cloake. All in agreement.


2.      Items from the public

It was noted that although Gunn was now included in Goodleigh Parish, the parish council element of the Council Tax paid by Gunn residents would still be paid to Swimbridge. The Parish Grant would also not be affected by the increase in population of the parish as it was set in 2014.

The earthworks at Tree Beech had been reported to Planning Enforcement. The Chairman explained that as Enforcement were already aware of the situation, there was nothing further that the parish council could do.

It was noted that work at Tree Beech had only just started, 2 years after planning consent had been granted.


3.      Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs M Prowse (NDC) and Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC)


4.      Approval of Minutes of meeting held 2 April 2019

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


5.      Matters Arising from the Minutes 

Min. 213.1   Cllr Dr Ley reported that she had made enquiries into the cost of maintaining the churchyard in 2018. This had amounted to £577.


6.      Reports



7.      Co-option of Parish Councillors

As no-one had come forward expressing an interest in joining the parish council, it was agreed to advertise the vacancies.


8.      Planning 

1.              Applications:

66523         Listed building consent for alterations to dwelling1 Braecotte Goodleigh Road


                           No objections to the application were raised.


2.              Decisions

1.    Approval:

66407     Extension to dwelling together with demolition of existing garage & erection of new garage Hunters View Northleigh Hill Goodleigh 

66351     Erection of one building to provide domestic triple car port & garden store together with change of use of agricultural land to form additional domestic curtilage for dwellinghouse approved by class q permission 63736

land at Northleigh Hill Goodleigh


9.      Correspondence

         1.      NDC were arranging Code of Conduct Training on 4 June. Noted.

2.      Dogs on the Playing Field. A complaint had been received regarding dogs being exercised on the Playing Field, believed to involve dogs belonging to residents of the nearby holiday lets. It was agreed to speak to the owners of the properties requesting them to ensure that their tenants are aware that dogs were not allowed on the Playing Field.

3.      DALC Newsletter. Cllrs Clarke and Cloake expressed an interest in attending the ‘Good Councillor’ course at Bideford on 2 July. Clerk to arrange.

         4.      Clerks & Councils Direct. Noted.


10.     Surface Water/Drains/Highways

         1.      It was reported that the school flashing warning lights were not working.

                  2.      It was noted that the repairs to the road at Northleigh were scheduled to be carried out during the present financial year. The actual date was not yet known.


11.     Development Access

         No further information was available.


12.     Play Area Repairs.

         No quote for carrying out the necessary repairs had been received.

         Item deferred to the next meeting.


13.     New Residents Pack

         A digital copy of the Residents Pack had been circulated to councillors.


14.     Fun Day

         It was reported that the Dog Show would be taking place gain this year.

Councillors were asked to give the event some thought during the coming week, and to share them with other councillors via email.


15.     Dog Bin

1.  New arrangements for emptying bins by NDC

North Devon Council were offering a contract with parish councils to empty the dog bins. For less than five bins the cost would be £2.50 per bin/per visit.

     The Clerk reported that the council had been paying J&J Bins £2 per bin since at least 2007.

     It was agreed to enter the contract with NDC, for the bins to be emptied weekly.


2   To consider purchase of new bin

It was agreed to defer any decision to purchase a new bin until the next meeting, to allow time to examine the existing bin in order to determine whether it could be repaired.


16.     Adoption of Standing Orders & Policies

         It was agreed to readopt the existing Standing Order and other policies without change.


17.              Matters from the Chairman          

The Chairman reported that he had been contacted by the legal department at North Devon Council regarding the S106 agreement for the parking spaces near the school. It was agreed that this should be decided by the solicitors.


18.     Finance

                       i. Adoption of Accounts

It was unanimously agreed to adopt the accounts for 2018/2019.


                     ii. Completion of Annual Audit Return

The Annual Return was completed, agreed and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


                   iii. Receipts

NDC – Precept, Grant Assist & Parish Grant         £2102.88


                   iv. Grant towards upkeep of Churchyard

It was reported that the cost of maintaining the burial ground in 2018 totalled £577.

It was agreed to award a grant of £577 to cover the total cost.  Cheque No. 830


                     v. Payments

Goodleigh Village Hall                        £25.00                 Cheque No. 831

J & J Bins                               £26.00                 Cheque No. 832

DALC Subscription                           £92.18                 Cheque No. 833

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                £83.92                 Cheque No. 834


The four accounts were approved for payment.


19.     Items for the Next Agenda

Update on Tree Beech;  Co-option of Parish Councillors;  Play Area; Village Fete;  Neighbourhood Plan;  Dog Bin.


20.     Date of Next Meeting;  Tuesday 4 June 2019.


21.     Items from the Public



There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.20pm.