Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1 June 2021 at 6:30pm at Goodleigh Parish Church


Present:                       Cllrs S Clarke, M Cloake, Dr S Ley and A Seaford.


In Attendance (via Zoom):  Cllr Gockmann, Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC)


16.       Items from the public



17.       Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mrs C  Karniewicz, and Cllr M Prowse (NDC).


18.       Approval of Minutes of meeting held 4 May 2021

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


19.       Matters Arising from the Minutes      



20.       Reports

1.         District Councillor

                  None – District Councillor not present.


2.         County Councillor

A report from Cllr Mrs Davis had been circulated to councillors:

Coronavirus updates from Devon County Council

The link below may be of interest to residents with the situation changing and many interested in what is happening locally this link is a useful starting point for questions and the current situation in Devon.

The link takes you to the Covid-19 pages on the Devon County Council Website, it has daily updated information as to positive cases within the area, information about testing and track and trace.


DCC Cabinet Member remits following the recent Annual council meeting

The responsibilities of the Cabinet are divided into the following Remits. Cabinet Members will also exercise regular budget monitoring of the resources allocated by the Council for those purposes, seek to achieve best value in the services for which they are responsible and have regard to the Council's policies and strategic objectives with respect to sustainability and health and wellbeing generally, to achieve the co-ordinated management of the Council’s plans and policies and the integrated delivery of services for the people of Devon. Where elements of these Remits overlap with another, Cabinet Members will exercise their responsibilities jointly, particularly in respect of identifying the future delivery and direction of services.

Policy, Corporate and Asset Management (Leader-John Hart)

Responsibility for the overall strategic direction and the development of external relations and partnerships including Team Devon, and oversight of the formulation and coordination of corporate planning and policy development within the Council’s Policy and Budget Framework and, in particular, the oversight of its governance and external affairs arrangements.

Also responsible for the management of the Council’s property, the use of its assets and the development of its estates, including the schools’ and education property portfolio and the Farms Estate.

Adult Social Care & Health Services     (James McInnes) 

Responsibility (a) as Lead Member for Adult Social Care for the discharge of all the Council’s statutory functions, powers and duties under Social Services legislation and all the functions of the Council which relate to the care and welfare of adults and those entering adulthood, including those with additional needs, the commissioning of integrated social care and health services for those in need; adult  protection and harm reduction services and the provision of services for families with most complex needs and support for careers and (b) for fulfilling the Council’s statutory lead role in relation to the Council’s Health & Wellbeing Board. 

Children’s Services and Schools (Andrew Leadbetter)

Responsibility as Lead Member for Children’s Services, for the discharge of all the Council’s statutory functions, powers and duties in relation to children’s social care and education and learning: this to include



01.06.21 – 2



the Council’s functions as local education authority particularly in respect of schools, support to children with special educational needs, provision of learning services, strategic commissioning of integrated services for children & young people, school planning, school transport and early years services; for child protection and harm reduction services, the Youth Offending Service, children in care and support for young carers: having regard to the Council’s strategic objectives and working collegiately to secure the future delivery and direction of these services.

Cabinet liaison for co-ordinated management of the Council’s plans and policies and the integrated delivery of services for the people of Exeter by the County Council and partner organisations acting as the Cabinet proponent for advancing the needs of and aspirations of the County’s Capital City.

Climate Change, Environment and Transport (Andrea Davis)

Responsible for the Council’s commitment to Climate Change and the principles of the Devon Climate Declaration, in particular carbon reduction and working in partnership with public, private and voluntary organisations to achieve its objectives.

Responsibility for strategic and infrastructure planning generally and for the provision of transport services in the community, for flooding and coast protection planning and for those Council services which safeguard individuals in the community and enhance their quality of life including countryside management, heritage, biodiversity and conservation.

Responsibility for delivering the Council’s major infrastructure schemes including all transportation links and the children's and adults services, highways, environment and corporate capital programmes, in cooperation with other Cabinet Members, integrating resources and utilising external partner relationships, and for the discharge of the Councils functions relating to public transport, waste disposal, recycling and other energy-related issues: having regard to the Council’s strategic objectives and working collegiately to secure the future delivery and direction of services.

Economic Recovery and Skills (Rufus Gilbert)

Responsibility for the progression and promotion of economic recovery and development of the County; the encouragement of employment through regeneration and investment; fulfilling the Council’s lead role relating to the provision of post-16 education, training and skills for employment in schools, colleges and other settings and for the provision of trading standards and consumer protection: having regard to the Council’s strategic objectives and working collegiately to secure the future delivery and direction of services.

            Also responsible for fulfilling the Council’s role in relation to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

Finance (Phil Twiss)

Responsible for and the oversight of the Council’s finances, annual budget setting, medium and long term financial planning, monitoring of expenditure, year-end closure of accounts and Treasury Management activities, to achieve value for money in the delivery of Council services.

Highway Management  (Stuart Hughes)

Responsibility for the discharge of the Council’s powers and duties as a Highway Authority, taking particular account of road safety requirements and asset management of the county highway network and for the implementation of a Local Transport Plan including the provision of cycle routes; having regard to the Council’s strategic objectives and working collegiately to secure the future delivery and direction of services.

Organisational Development, Workforce & Digital Transformation (Andrew Saywell)

Responsibility for co-ordinating the management of organisational development and digital transformation in the Council to secure effective Council wide transformational outcomes for the benefit of citizens and communities including digital inclusion and digital skills.

Responsibility  for the continuous improvement of performance and risk management across the Council, for all workforce issues which fall outside the remit of the Personnel Partnership, the development of the Council’s digital and technology platforms, Procurement systems and procedures, oversight of the Council’s legal and communications services, including Freedom of Information, customer service arrangements and access to services by users and clients.

Public Health, Communities and Equality (Roger Croad)

Responsibility for the discharge of the Council’s public health functions and health protection and promoting the health and wellbeing of the public and also responsible for those Council services which safeguard individuals in the community and enhance their quality of life: in particular community safety, food insecurity, financial hardship, emergency planning and gypsies and travellers.

01.06.21 – 3


This includes collaborating with and supporting other public sector bodies, voluntary and community organisations to develop relationships for mutual advantage and community gain, working together for the benefit of people and communities in Devon.

Responsible for the Council’s statutory duties and responsibilities in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion together with its own equality policies and objectives.

Responsible also for the Registration Service and for the provision of a basic adult learning services, a library and archives service and support for the arts and for the discharge of all the Council’s statutory functions, powers and duties in relation to the

provision of youth services.

Responsible for the Armed Forces Covenant and initiatives thereunder.


Invitations to join Devon Climate Assembly sent to households

Fourteen thousand randomly selected Devon households are being invited to enter a ‘civic lottery’ to determine who represents the county at this summer’s Devon Climate Assembly.

It follows the recent public consultation of the Interim Devon Carbon Plan, the county’s climate roadmap which outlines what every resident, business and organisation will have to do to reduce carbon emissions.

The Interim Carbon Plan is being developed by the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG) – a partnership of Devon’s councils, emergency services, voluntary organisations, and business groups.  The group has set a target for Devon to be carbon-neutral no later than 2050.

Hundreds have contributed to the plan’s development, however some of the issues that need to be solved are so significant they need further discussion – and it’s these that will be considered, discussed, and voted on by the Assembly.

The first stage in selecting Assembly members is a ‘civic lottery’, which involves invitations being sent out to randomly selected households in Devon, Plymouth, and Torbay, inviting one member of that household to put their name forward.

Households that receive an invitation had until the 24th May to respond.  From those responses, 70 members will be hand-picked against a criterion that will reflect Devon’s demographic profile.

Age, gender, ethnicity, disability, geography, socio economic status, and people’s own attitude towards climate change are all factors that will be used to produce a representative Assembly.

The Assembly itself will be conducted entirely online, and no prior knowledge of climate change or digital skills are needed.  Digital devices and support will be available.

The Devon Climate Emergency partnership, which includes all Devon’s Local Authorities, will respond to each of the Assembly’s recommendations to complete the Devon Carbon Plan.


            Cllr Mrs Davis reported that the work near Goodleigh Cross was progressing well.

Cllr Gockmann reported that there was a continuing problem with water running across the road at Goodleigh Cross. He would email the details to Cllr Mrs Davis who would ask the Highways Manager to meet Cllr Gockmann.


21.       Planning Applications:            None received.


22.       Mirror at Willesleigh road junction

Cllr Gockmann reported that he had inspected the junction, and that there was no suitable site for a mirror. It was not thought possible to proceed with the request. Cllr Cloake to contact the parishioner concerned.


23.       Playing Field Management Plan

It was noted that Cllr Mrs Karniewicz was dealing with the management plan. As no update had been received, Cllr Cloake offered to contact Cllr Mrs Karniewicz.


24.       Correspondence Received

1.         An Email had been received from Loxhore  Parish Council regarding the hazard presented by the spreading of human waste in agriculture, the regulation for which was the responsibility of NDC.

            It was agreed to advise the Landmark Trust that the Environment Agency had been advised of the problem, but had claimed that it was not their responsibility.

            It was also agreed to advise thew Environment Agency that un-off from the fields was entering watercourses and affecting residents properties. To be copied to the Landmark Trust.




01.06.21 – 4



2.         An email had been received from NDC regarding the name of the new development in the village. The developer had suggested 1-17 Meadow View.

It was agreed that this name was unsuitable as there were already properties known by this name in the village. It was suggested that a better name would be Willesleigh View.

3.         Concern had been expressed by residents in Gunn, where NDC had spent over £70k on a cottage in Berry Lane. It was felt that NDC should recoup the money spent by whatever means possible.

                        It was agreed to forward the email to Mr Miles at NDC.

4.         DCC had advised a Road Closure Coombe Cross to Goodleigh Cross on 19 August to provide a safe working zone for poletest.


25.       Surface Water/Drains/Highways

            It was reported that the road surface between Ivy Lodge and Combe Cross was very bad.


26.       Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Cloake reported that useful links had been received from NDC. The Plan would need to be re-designated to include Gunn.

It was agreed that it would be necessary to explain each objective, and to hold a further meeting at 6.30pm on 9 June.


27.       Matters from the Chairman               



28.       Finance

1.     Payments

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                     £87.52              Cheque No.903


The account was approved for payment.


29.       Items for the next Agenda:

            Neighbourhood Plan;  Defibrillator for Gunn.


30.       Date of next meeting: Tuesday 6 July 2021, at St Gregory’s Church.  



There being no further business, the chairman declared the meeting closed.




Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . .                                 Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .