Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6 July 2021 at 6:30pm at Goodleigh Parish Church, and by Zoom.


Present:                       Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), S Clarke, M Cloake, Mrs C  Karniewicz, Dr S Ley,          and A Seaford.


In Attendance:            3 members of the public, Cllr M Prowse (NDC), Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC), Parish Clerk.


31.       Items from the public

Complaints had been received about farm contractor’s vehicles passing through the village late at night, which had caused problems for parishioners living near the road trying to sleep.

It was thought that there was nothing that could be done about this, and that some of the comments posted on social media was unacceptable.   


32.       Apologies

No apologies for absence had been received, all councillors being present.


33.       Approval of Minutes of meeting held 1 June 2021

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


34.       Matters Arising from the Minutes      

Min.22             Cllr Cloake reported that he had spoken to the parishioners concerned, and had explained to them that there was no suitable site for a mirror to be fitted.

It was agreed to seek help to maintain the play area. It was suggested that North Devon Homes may be able to help. It was noted that no serious defects had been identified at the annual inspection. To discuss further at the next meeting.


35.       Reports

1.         District Councillor

The Future High Street Project had been completed. North Devon council had now acquired the derelict properties in Boutport Street, opposite Butchers Row.

The bid for funding under the Levelling Up Scheme had been submitted, but it was not yey known if it had been successful.

                  The council had recently appointed Maria Bailey as a new planning manager.      .

A new climate Change Manager, a shared post between North Devon and Torridge District Councils had also been appointed.

                  The Local Planning Review had just started, which would update the current Local Plan.


2.         County Councillor

Cllr Mrs Davis reported that all the potholes in the parish should had been filled. Councillors were asked to forward reference numbers for any defects reported that were still outstanding.

Cllr Mrs Davis gave details of the launch of the Climate Change Challenge, in which three crowdfunding projects to tackle the climate emergency in Devon could share an award of £10000.


36.       Planning Application

73309   Change of use of land to allow siting of 2 Shepherd Huts for holiday use Cross Cottage Northleigh Hill Goodleigh Barnstaple Devon EX32 7NR


Cllr Gockman outlined the background to the agreement, and the agreement in principle for access to the site across parish council land.


Although concerns were noted over possible noise pollution from the proposed hot tubs, which were not considered appropriate in a residential area, it was noted that the council was not able to submit a recommendation due to being involved in the application as owner of the proposed access.


37.       Playing Field Management Plan

            A draft management plan had been received from Mr Molton.

            There was a possibility that a NDC Climate Environment Grant may be available to help with the costs.

            Before any decision could be made it would be necessary to have the three year plan costed.




06.07.21 – 2



38.       Correspondence

1.         North Devon Council had considered the parish council’s suggestion of Willesleigh View unsuitable for the new development, due to it being difficult to spell. The developer had now suggested ‘Meadow Drive’ as a possible name. This was agreed.

2.         An email had been received from Goodleigh Village Hall committee, who were concerned over what had happened in West Down where Acorn Developments were involved with a building development. Cllr Gockmann reported that he had already replied on behalf of the parish council, stating that the council were aware of the situation in West Down, and were monitoring the Goodleigh development.

            3.         An email had been received from a parishioner, who was concerned over the state of the Play Area.

                        As had already been agreed, this would be discussed further at the next meeting.


39.       Surface Water/Drains/Highways

            1.         Potholes were reported at the bottom of Northleigh Hill at Chelfham.

            2.         The poor state of the road surface at Crow Hill had been reported to DCC.

3.         The surface dressing at Northleigh had still not been completed, despite assurances from the contractor that they would return. Cllr Mrs Davis agreed to make enquiries.


40.       Neighbourhood Plan

            The redesignation of the parish boundary to include Gunn had been submitted.

            The second draft objective was in the process of being prepared.

It was suggested that councillors look at the Georgeham Neighbourhood Plan before the next meeting, which would be held on 20 July at 7pm.


42.       Provision of Defibrillator in Gunn

It was reported that the general feeling on Gunn that this would not be possible due to the lack of a suitable central location.


43.       Matters from the Chairman               



44.       Finance

1.     Payments

North Devon Homes – Rent for Play Area           £  7.50              Cheque No. 904

Goodleigh United Church                                  £20.00              Cheque No. 905

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                                 £87.82              Cheque No. 906


The three accounts were approved for payment.


45.       Items for the next Agenda:

Longland Close Play Area;  Neighbourhood Plan;  Tree Beech;  Playing Field.


46.       Date of next meeting: Tuesday 3 August  2021  

            Cllr Dr Ley gave her apologies for being unable to attend the next meeting.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.




Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . .                                 Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .