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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 7:30pm in Goodleigh Methodist Chapel


Present: Cllrs A Gockmann, M Cloake, Mrs C Karniewicz, Mrs P Newell and A Seaford.


 In Attendance:   3 members of the public, Cllr M Prowse,(NDC),  Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting



132.   Items from the public



133.   Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Ms L Boyle, Dr S Ley and Cllr M Prowse (NDC).


134.   Approval of Minutes of meeting held 6 November 2018

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


135.   Matters Arising from the Minutes 

It was reported that the parish council did not hold a record of accidents on the Barnstaple – Bratton Fleming road, in particular in the vicinity of Honey Hill. The owners of Honey Hill reported that there had not been any accidents relating to the access to their property.


136.   Reports

1.      District Councillor

              A report had been received from Councillor Prowse:

PARISH GRANTS I mentioned last time that these were still at risk.   The administration is proposing to cut the levels of grants and phase out over the next two years, I led the opposition to this last year and intend to do the same in the Council's Budget Meeting in the new year.


THEATRES The news of the new operator for the Queens and he Landmark is now in the public arena and both now have a bright future.   The new contract will be fulfilled by Selladoor - an international outfit with a good reputation for innovation and a broad programme.   They intend to also initiate and show their own productions.   This will involve a long term commitment of finance from NDC albeit at a lower level than before.


HOUSING NEEDS Colleagues will know that there was an intention to carry out an update across the 12 parishes of the Rural Alliance.   Following 2 rejections from the Lottery for funding I asked the Head of EH & Housing to help with some funding, this now looks likely and a report will be going to the Executive in January.   This will help in the preparations for the Neighbourhood Plan.


GOVERNANCE REVIEW Another meeting is being held before Christmas with a hope of introducing the chance for new working arrangements before the new Council is elected in May next year.


PLANNING (Old Rectory) there are issues raised by the Highways engineer in relation to the proposed access - negotiations are underway to see if a solution can be found.  (Chelfham School) similarly the planners are awaiting confirmation on the new access arrangements.  Below is the latest position on the larger development: 64973 - ERECTION OF 17 DWELLINGS (AMENDED PLANS) LAND AT COOMBE CROSS, GOODLEIGH. The planning officer was still awaiting consultation response on amended plans from the Highway Authority (their previous consultation response recommended refusal of this application), the Authority’s Landscape & Countryside Officer (on the wider application site), DCC Flood Risk Officer (they also raised objection to the application) and Planning Policy Officer, to name just a few. 


2.      County Councillor

                  None – County Councillor not present.


137.   Planning 

1.              Applications:  None received.

2.              Decision - Approval:

65615         Erection of 3 polytunnels for horticultural purposes together with extension to access track Ostler Cider Mill Goodleigh.



138.   New Residents Pack

Cllr Mrs Newell reported that information had been received from four village organisations. She would continue to contact the other organisations, but someone else was needed to take the responsibility for distributing and keeping the pack updated. 


139.   Christmas Lunch

         A meeting had been arranged for Thursday to make the final arrangements.


140.   Neighbourhood Plan

A successful meeting had been held when the format of the questionnaire had been finalised. It was planned to have the questionnaire completed by the end of January.


141.   Correspondence

NDC reported that a consultation was taking place regarding the Boundary Review, which proposed moving Gunn into Goodleigh parish. It was understood that the consultation involved those living in the affected area only.

         DALC Newsletter. Noted.

            Clerks & Councils Direct. Noted.


142.   Surface Water/Drains/Highways

There were still problems at Riversmead with water running across the road, which could cause problems during cold weather.  

A blocked drain in Combe close was reported, together with a loose kerbstone and badly worn surface on the corner.

         The drain outside the Anderton House was blocked. Cllr Gockmann to arrange for it to be cleared.


143.   Matters from the Chairman          



144.   Finance

1.    To Agree Budget and Set Precept for 2019/2020

Deferred to the next meeting.


2.    Payments

Mrs P Newell                                   £250.00                Cheque No. 717

J & J Bins                                        £  26.00               Cheque No. 718

Goodleigh Village Hall                        £  25.00               Cheque No. 719

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                £  84.50               Cheque No. 720


The four accounts were approved for payment.


145.   Items for the next Agenda:

         2019/20 Budget,  Christmas Lunch, Neighbourhood Plan, New Residents Pack.


146.   Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8 January 2019 at the Methodist Chapel.


147.   Items from the Public



There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8:20pm.