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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 6 December 2016 at 7:30pm in Goodleigh Methodist Chapel


Present: Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), Mrs C Karniewicz, Mrs P Newell, Dr S Ley, A Seaford and Mrs H Wright.


 In Attendance:   7 members of the public, Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting



118.     Items from the public

It was reported that there was a piece of a gate in the hedge near Goodleigh Cross. A tree trunk that had fallen into the road near Goodleigh Cross had been placed in the hedge and marked with a traffic cone. Highways to be informed and asked to remove the items.   

The loose kerbstone had not been repaired.


119.     Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr M Prowse (NDC) and Cllr R Edgell (DCC).


120.     Co-option of Parish Councillor

            One application to be co-opted as parish councillor had been received, from Mrs Lee Boyle.

            Cllr Gockmann proposed that Mrs Boyle be co-opted. Seconded by Cllr Dr Ley. All in agreement.

            Cllr Mrs Boyle took her place on the council and completed her Declaration of Acceptance.


121.     Approval of Minutes of meeting held 1 November 2016

Min 108.1 was amended to read that Goodleigh may not be eligible for a scheme to receive superfast broadband.

Min 108.2 was amended to include the date of the last Parish Forum on Tuesday 15 November.


The amended Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


122.     Matters Arising from the Minutes 

Cllr Gockmann updated the meeting on the recent problems with the recent road closure at Godleigh Road in Barnstaple, when despite earlier assurances the road had not been kept open for emergency vehicles. Cllr Edgell had raised the matter at the HATOC meeting, and was seeking assurances that lessons had been learnt, and that it would not happen again.

It was noted that the temporary ramp at the site was still in place, which caused a safety hazard for road users. Kier to be asked to remove the ramp as a matter of urgency.

Road at Riversmead. Highways had confirmed that the forestry company would be contacted and asked to remedy the problem with water flowing onto the highway.

The owners of the Old Chapel had been advised that the hedges around the burial ground were due to be cut.


123.     Reports

1.         District Councillor    None – District Councillor not present.

2.         County Councillor    None – County Councillor not present.


124.     Planning 

1.              Application:

61983  Erection of shed, The Old Shop Goodleigh Road, Barnstaple


                        Cllr Gockmann declared an interest and left the meeting while the application was considered.


                        Cllr Dr Ley took the Chair.


                        It was resolved to recommend approval.


2.              Decision – Refusal:

61762  Retrospective application for siting of bus to provide living accommodation, siting of caravan to provide tea hut / guest accommodation, erection of three sheds & use of land as smallholding,  Honey Hill, Snapper, Barnstaple.


125.     Correspondence

An email had been received from Colin Savage, offering to attend a meeting of the council to discuss the provision of affordable homes in any development in the village. Cllr Mrs Wright offered to contact Mr Savage to invite him to the next meeting.

DCC had enquired if Goodleigh had a Snow Warden. It was agreed to respond that there was no Warden at present.


126.     Surface Water/Drains/Highways

it was reported that there was a large hole in the narrow section of the road near the Rectory, and that there was a pothole at Snapper. Both defects to be reported to Highways.

            Road Warden Scheme

Cllr Dr Ley reported on the recent Rural Alliance meeting when the Road Warden Scheme had been discussed. DCC were encouraging parishes to take on some tasks using volunteers, but these would need to hold a Chapter 8 qualification and receive training to work on the carriageway. It was agreed not to take part in the scheme. 


127.     Woodland Trust Proposals

Cllr Gockmann reported that the Woodland Trust had taken the parish council’s suggestions on board, and would move the fence so as not to include the footpath.

            It was agreed to send a letter of support for the scheme.


128.       Repair of Seat

Two quotes had been received – for £171 and £149. It was agreed to accept the lower quote. Cllr Mrs   Karniewicz to confirm acceptance of the quotation.


129.        Christmas Lunch

It was agreed to make the final arrangements after the parish council meeting.


130.       New Waste and Recycling Collection Trial

NDC had confirmed the area that would take part in the trial of the proposed three weekly waste collection. The only part of Goodleigh affected would be properties along the road at Snapper. Cllr Mrs Wright agreed to contact residents at Snapper with a view of holding a meeting with NDC.


131.       Composting Scheme

Deferred to the next meeting.


132.       Emergency Plan

Cllr Gockmann reported that he had a list of people who were willing to be contacted in cases of emergency.

It was agreed that councillors should be allocated a section of the parish.


133.       Cuts to Services at NDDH

It was noted that at the present time the was no information available on what was being proposed.


134.     Matters from the Chairman            None.


135.     Finance

1.     To agree budget for 2017/2018

A draft budget had been circulated to councillors. It was agreed to include £200 for hedge cutting. The amended budget was agreed and adopted.


2.     To Set Precept and Grant for 2017/2018

It was agreed to keep the Precept at the present level - £3000.


3.     Payments

J & J Bins                                    £  26.00                       Cheque No. 750

Goodleigh Village Hall Hire        £  44.00                       Cheque No. 751

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses          £  84.38                       Cheque No. 752

Dr S Ley – Christmas Lunch       £101.00                       Cheque No. 753


The three accounts were approved for payment.


136.     Items for the next Agenda:

            Fun Day; Composting Scheme;  Christmas Lunch;  Presentation by Colin Savage.


137.     Date of next meeting: Tuesday 3 January 2017  


138.     Items from the Public.                      None.


There being no further business, the chairman declared the meeting closed.