Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3 August 2021 at 6:30pm at Goodleigh Parish Church and Zoom


Present:                       Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), S Clarke, Mrs C  Karniewicz and A Seaford.


In Attendance:            4 members of the public, Parish Clerk.


47.       Items from the public

It was reported that there was still outstanding work at Tree Beech from previous planning applications. It was agreed to contact Planning Enforcement for updates.   


48.       Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs M Cloake, Dr S Ley, M Prowse (NDC) and Mrs A Davis (DCC)


49.       Approval of Minutes of meeting held 6 July 2021

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


50.       Matters Arising from the Minutes      



51.       Reports

1.         District Councillor

                  None – District Councillor not present.


2.         County Councillor

                        None – County Councillor not present.


53.       Planning Applications:

  73449         Creation of field entrance at Edge of field adjoining road west of Gunn

It was noted that there had been earlier problems sat the site with water run-off from the field.


The council had no objection to the application provided that the entrance was used for agricultural use only, and that measures were put in place to prevent run-off on to the highway.


73661         Two storey rear extension at 2 Coombe Cross Cottages Goodleigh Road

                  It was agreed to recommend approval.


73633         Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) attached to planning permission 70337 to allow for substitution of relevant planning drawings relating to the design of the building at Tree Beech Rural Enterprise Park Gunn 


                                    It was noted that the field had not been restored, a condition of a previous planning consent.


It was agreed to recommend approval on condition provided that the conditions placed on earlier planning consents are implemented.


54.       Tree Beech

            Nothing further reported.


55.       Longland Close Play Area

            Deferred to the next meeting.


56.       Playing Field Management Plan

Cllr Mrs  Karniewicz reported that at a meeting with Mr Milton it had been noted that some of the hedges had not been cut in recent years. It was suggested that the contractor be asked to leave a 1m width around the play area uncut. A draft management plan had been produced. Permission was requested for the sub committee to apply for a grant of £264 to cover costs. It was proposed to organise a community work day.

Likely costs were £80 p.a. cut the hedges in rotation and £90 to scarify the perimeter.

It was agreed that Cllr Mrs Karniewicz should obtain the full running costs for the Playing Field, which would be considered at the next meeting.


03.08.21 – 2



57.       Surface Water/Drains/Highways

            It was noted that the reported potholes had not yet been repaired.

            The road surface at Combe Close was very bad.


58.       Correspondence Received

            1.         DALC Newsletters.       Noted.

            2.         The applicant for the development of the site adjacent to the playing field had enquired why the parish council had not supplied the relevant information to NDC. It was not known what information NDC needed, as no request had been received.

            3.         The Village Hall committee were concerned over the lack of information provided regarding the proposed development in Goodleigh, following the problems encountered t West Down. It was noted that this had been fully discussed at previous meetings.


59.       Neighbourhood Plan

Councillors had looked at the Plan prepared by Georgeham Parish Council. It was agreed that this would be a good Neighbourhood Plan to adapt to suit Goodleigh.


60.       Matters from the Chairman               

The Chairman reported that the website was now working again. He had been quoted £1250 per year for a new website.

The Village Hall Committee enquired why they had received a grant during the past two years. The Chairman explained that North Devon Council had withdrawn the grant for this purpose, and that any grant awarded by the parish council would need to come from the Precept. The parish council had a duty to make a grant towards the upkeep of the parish burial ground. This was now the only grant given.


61.       Finance

1.     Payments

Mrs J Snooks – internal audit                 £100.00            Cheque No.907

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                     £89.52              Cheque No.908


The two accounts were approved for payment.


62.       Items for the next Agenda:

Longland Close Play Area;  Neighbourhood Plan;  Playing Field Management Plan; Tree Beech;  Christmas Lunch.


63.       Matters Raised by Parishioners

            Someone was needed to regularly check the defibrillator. Cllr Seaford offered to undertake this.


64.       Date of next meeting: Tuesday 7 September 2021  



There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.30pm.




Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . .                                 Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .