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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 3 April 2018 at 7:30pm in Goodleigh Village Hall


Present: Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), Ms L Boyle, M Cloake, Mrs C Karniewicz, Dr S Ley, Mrs P Newell, and A Seaford.


In Attendance:  3members of the public,  Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting



197     Items from the public

In answer to a question the Chairman confirmed that he did not know when the new aerial in the parish would become operational.


198.    Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mrs A Davis (DCC)


199.    Approval of Minutes of meeting held 6 March  2018

The amended Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


200.    Matters Arising from the Minutes        

Min. 150.       Cllr Mrs Newell reported that she now had the London address for the URC. She would be contacting them regarding the covenant on the Playing Field. She understood that matters such as this were dealt with at Synod, which met every two years, in July.  

Honey Hill.   It was noted that the Planning Appeal had stated that the site was to be vacated within the next few weeks. It was agreed to contact Planning Enforcement to ensure that they were monitoring the site.


201.    Reports

1.         District Councillor

                  None – District Councillor not present.


2.         County Councillor

                        A report had been received from Cllr Mrs Davis, and is attached to these minutes.


202.    Planning 

            1.         Applications:

64564 Erection of detached garage & secure implement store Youldon House Goodleigh

64565 Listed building application for erection of detached garage & secure implement store Youldon House Goodleigh


            It was agreed not to raise any objection to the applications.


64653 Conversion of part of dwelling to form holiday accommodation Great Lilly Farm 

64654 Listed building application in respect of conversion of part of dwelling to form holiday accommodation Great Lilly Farm Goodleigh 


It was agreed not to raise any objection to the applications


2.        Decisions

1.        Approval:

64380      Alterations to dwelling including raising of roof to side extension Eastacott  Goodleigh 

3.        Eastacott Farm

Concern was expressed that it appeared that building work was being carried out on a barn at Eastacott Farm, whereas the planning consent only related to the farmhouse. Clerk to contact Planning Enforcement at NDC..


203.    Correspondence

1.         DCC had advised a Road Closure affecting the road between Goodleigh Cross and Collard Bridge Cross. The road would be closed from 23 April until 7 May to enable drainage works at Riversmead to be carried out.

2.         An email had been received from the Rural Alliance asking members for comments on the draft housing needs survey.

3.         The Playsafety Inspection Report had been received and circulated to councillors.

4.         Legal Services at NDC were seeking confirmation that a building at The Yard, Easter Wood Farm had been occupied from 2012 to enable a Certificate of Lawfulness to be issued. Councillors were unable to confirm the applicant’s claim.

5.         NDC had advised that it was carrying out a Community Governance Review. Any parish wishing to change its boundary, or the make-up of the parish council itself should contact them. NDC had confirmed that they were aware of Gunn wishing to be part of Goodleigh parish.

6.         Barnstaple Town Council had written to request a further grant towards the cost of maintaining the Record Office in Barnstaple. It had been noted that Goodleigh Parish Council had supported the project in the past.

It was agreed to review a possible grant at the next meeting.


204.    Surface Water/Drains/Highways

Potholes were reported near the school, at the bottom of Chelfham Hill, and between the village and Goodleigh Cross. Large potholes were reported at Northleigh. To be reported to Highways.


205.    Social Media

It was agreed that it was not advisable for councillors to mix council business and personal issues on their own Facebook pages, and that it would be better for the parish council to have its own page.

Cllr Karniewicz agreed to organise this.


206.    Community Development

            No update had been received.


207.    Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Mrs Newell reported that a meeting had been held, which had been attended by 8 members of the public and 4 parish councillors. It had been agreed to form a steering group to move the Plan forward to the next stage. The next meeting would be held on 18 April.

The possibility of producing a welcome pack for those moving into the village was discussed. This may be arranged by the village hall committee, who had contact with most village organisations.


208.    Fun Day

The Twinning Committee had agreed to organise an ice cream stall. The Parkinson Society had enquired whether they would be permitted to have a stall. This was agreed.


209.    Play Bark

The Safety Inspection Report had been received, which had identified the need for more play bark as the main issue.

Cllr Prowse had provided quotes for the bark. Cllr Cloake offered to arrnge the purchase and delivery/collection.  

The report had identified that a new spring was required on the gate. It was agreed to replace the existing spring.


210.    Spring Clean

It was agreed to hold a ‘Spring Clean’ of the village on Wednesday 6 June, meeting in the Village Hall car park at 6.30pm. Cllr Mrs Karniewicz offered to advertise the event on Facebook, in the paper, and produce some posters.


211.    Matters from the Chairman                   



212.    Finance

1.        Request for Grant - Goodleigh Village Hall

A request had been received from Goodleigh Village Hall for a grant towards the cost of upkeep of the building.

It was agreed to make a grant of £400, this being the amount that had been included in the budget.

Cheque No. 709


2.        Payments

North Devon Homes                                   £  7.50                        Cheque No. 705

J & J Bins                                           £26.00                       Cheque No. 706

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses             £81.82                       Cheque No. 707

Rospa Playsafety                                    £79.80                                   Cheque No. 708


The four accounts were approved for payment.


213.    Items for the next Agenda:

            Community Development;  Honey Hill;  Neighbourhood Plan;  Fun Day;  Social Media;  Play Area 


214.    Date of next meeting: Tuesday 1 May 2018 

            Annual Parish Meeting at 7:00pm, followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting.


215.    Items from the Public



There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8:40pm.