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Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 4 April 2017 at 7:30pm in Goodleigh Village Hall


Present: Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), Ms L Boyle, Mrs C Karniewicz, Dr S Ley, Mrs P Newell, and A Seaford.


In Attendance:  3members of the public, Cllr R Edgell (DCC), Parish Clerk.


Minutes of meeting


193.   Items from the public

It was stated that the planning application for the Goodleigh Road site had be re-submitted with a reduction in the number of dwellings.

It was reported that the paving slab in front of the post box had been broken. It was believed that this had been caused by a motorist driving over the kerb to post a letter without getting out of the vehicle.

A request was made for the speed limit through the village to be reduced to 20mph.

Concern was raised over the creation of a new entrance to Chelfham House, adjacent to the Northleigh junction. This was considered to be very dangerous. Planning Enforcement to be informed.


194.   Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr M Prowse (NDC).


195.   Approval of Minutes of meetings held 7 and 24 March 2017

Min. 181 The final sentence was amended to read:

Cllr Mrs Newell agreed to take a lead on preparing the first step of the Neighbourhood Plan, and would contact the URC.


The amended Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


196.   Matters Arising from the Minutes  

Cllr Dr Ley reported that she had contacted the landowners regarding the proposed development near the Village Hall. The developer had confirmed a willingness to meet the parish council. At present the paperwork was with the solicitors.


Maps had been circulated to councillors in connection with the Emergency Plan. It was hoped to have the Plan completed by October. The Chairman offered to print more maps as required.


The hedges around the Northleigh hill burial ground had been cut.


Cllr Gockmann had spoken to the solicitor regarding the S106 agreement, and had answered a few queries. It was suggested that a break clause be included. But this may not meet with the approval of the planning department. It was agreed that the clause should not be included.


Cllr Gockmann had attended the recent HATOC meeting when roadworks at the Wain Homes site had been discussed. Unfortunately he had only been allowed a limited time to speak. He had stressed the inconvenience that the road closure had caused, including lack of emergency access and the impact on those depending of social care. Most councillors seemed supportive of the requests that were made. He would compile a response in time for the next meeting.

Together with the Chairman of Bratton Fleming Parish Council most of the points had been raised. It was hoped to avoid a long closure of the road again. The County Council’s argument had been based on legislation and codes of practice, although not all of the points had been accurate. 


197.   Reports

1.      District Councillor

A report had been received from Cllr Prowse stating that he would be enquiring into the present situation with the Honey Hill and Tree Beech applications with the planning officer.


2.      County Councillor

Cllr Edgell reported that he had been successful in securing more funding for rural roads. DCC had estimated that it would cost £68m annually to maintain the roads in the present condition, whereas there was only £30m available, which was prioritised for A, B and strategic C class roads. An additional £2m had been allocated for repairs to rural roads, with a further £05m for drainage work. He was hopeful that some of this money would come to North Devon.


Thanks were extended to Cllr Edgell for all that he had done for the parish during his term as County Councillor. Following changes made by the Boundaty Commission, Goodleigh would be moving to the Combe Martin Rural ward.

Cllr Edgell replied that he was sorry to be losing 8 parishes after the election.


198.   Planning 

1.              Applications:

62775 Erection of agricultural building Hogs Lane, Goodleigh, Barnstaple.

Concern was raised over the siting of the shed and its size. It was considered that such a building was not warranted on such a small plot.


                           It was resolved to recommend refusal.


2.              Decision – Refusal:

62540 Extension to dwelling & erection of detached garage/workshop with ancillary living accommodation at Priory House, Snapper, Barnstaple


199.   Correspondence

1.      The Planning Department at NDC had advised that with effect from 3 July, paper copies of planning applications would no longer be sent. As from that date, applications would only be able to be viewed on the NDC website.

         2.      The Play Area Safety Inspection Report had been received and circulated to councillors.

         3.      Details of the new waste and recycling had been received, which would be introduced on 5 June. 


200.     Surface Water/Drains/Highways

         A pothole was reported on the corner at the entrance to Honey Hill.

Concern was expressed over the danger caused by a wheely bin being left in the road on the corner at the entrance to the village.

It was noted that the flooding on the corner near Goodleigh Cross appeared to be getting worse. This was possibly being caused by a spring on Crow Hill. Highways to be notified.

It was noted that it would be necessary to budget for drainage work, and possibly increase the Precept. Some funding may be available through the TAP Fund. To be placed on the June agenda.

It was agreed to identify gullies needing attention.


201.   Playing Field Maintenance

It was agreed that the football nets needed to be replaced. The Chairman reported that a pair of nets would cost approximately £50. This was agreed. Cllr Gockmann to place an order for the nets.

         It was reported that the fence needed repairing.


202.   Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Mrs Newell reported that she had studied the Neighbourhood Plan guidelines. To date no formal decision had been made to produce a Plan. The whole community would need to be involved, not just the parish council. Representation would be needed from the various groups, ages, businesses etc. it was agreed that councillors would study the ‘road map’ before the next meeting.

It would be necessary to write to the URC regarding any development of the playing field. Although housing on this site may not be popular with everyone, the possibility of a Village Green near the Village Hall may help. It was noted that it would not be possible to establish the Village Green without the income generated from the sale of the present playing field.

It was agreed to state in the letter to the URC that there were expected to be 3 – 5 properties built on the site.


203.   Fun Day

         Posters had been submitted by the schoolchildren. These would be judged after the meeting.

         The Mobile Library had confirmed that it would be in attendance.

         The owner had confirmed that the field outside the Village Hall would be available to use.

         The various organisations had been contacted and invited to be involved.


204.   S106 Agreement

         Already covered under item 106.


205.   Matters from the Chairman           



206.   Finance

1.    Request for grant  

A request for a grant had been received from Goodleigh Village Hall.

It was agreed to make a grant of £400 towards the running costs of the hall, this amount having been allocated in the budget.                                                                                           Cheque No. 773


2.    Payments

Goodleigh Village Hall Hire (March)  £22.00                 Cheque No. 767

J & J Bins (February)                        £26.00                 Cheque No. 768

North Devon Homes – Play Area rent £  7.50                 Cheque No. 769

DALC – subscription                        £88.45                 Cheque No. 770

Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                £83.10                 Cheque No. 771

Mrs P Hamilton                                £26.17                                   Cheque No. 772

Playsafety Ltd                                  £79.80                 Cheque No. 775                                


The seven accounts were approved for payment.


207.   Items for the next Agenda:

                  Speed of traffic through the village;  Play Area; Neighbourhood Plan;  Fun Day;  Spring Clean.



208.   Date of next meeting: Tuesday 2 May 2017  

         Annual Parish Meeting at 7:00pm, followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting.


209.   Items from the Public



There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed.