Goodleigh Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1 November 2016 at 7:30pm at Goodleigh Village Hall


Present:                       Cllrs A Gockmann (Chairman), Mrs C  Karniewicz and A Seaford.


In Attendance:            3 members of the public, Cllr M Prowse (NDC),          Cllr R Edgell (DCC), Parish Clerk.


102.     Items from the public

Cllr Gockmann was congratulated on the new parish website.  


103.     Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mrs P Newell and Dr S Ley.


104.     Co-option of Parish Councillor

            No applications had been received. Deferred to the next meeting.


105.     Approval of Minutes of meeting held 4 October 2016

The Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed as a true record.


105.     Matters Arising from the Minutes     

1.         Phone box. It was noted that the public telephone had only been used once in the past 12 months, and so was listed by BT for removal. Cllr Mrs Karniewicz to speak to Cllr Mrs Newell regarding the proposed removal.

2.         Water across road at Riversmead.  Cllr Gockmann reported that he had contacted Highways and had been advised that the drain had been jetted. There did not appear to be any improvement following the work. An application for funding was being submitted to carry out drainage work. It was thought that the problem was caused by a blocked drain on the adjacent land owned by Fountain Forestry. Cllr Gockmann to inform Highways.

3.         Road closure. Concern had been raised over emergency vehicles being unable to pass through the roadworks, although SWW had originally confirmed that emergency access would be maintained. SWW had now advised that the earlier assurances had been a mistake.

            It was noted that SWW was carrying out more work than what was required in connection with the new development. Cllr Edgell to make enquiries.

            By working longer hours it was hoped that the work would be completed on schedule by the end of the week.

4.         Christmas Tree Festival. This was being held on 27 November. Cllr Mrs Newell was arranging a decorating evening for the parish council tree.

5.         Vice Chairman. It was agreed to leave the position vacant at the present time. It was noted that one of the councillors may need to chair a meeting if Cllr Gockmann was unable to attend.     


106.     Reports

1.         District Councillor

Cllr Prowse reported that there would be a meeting the following day with the agents involved in the Local Plan. There may be a case for some areas to retain affordable home allocations on small developments.

                  It would soon be time for the council to start looking at its budget for next year.

The council was looking more carefully at prior approval applications for agricultural buildings to ensure suitability for conversion.

                  He requested that a meeting be held soon to discuss the S106 agreement for Goodleigh.


2.         County Councillor

Cllr Edgell expressed his concern at the proposal to cut services at the North Devon District Hospital at a time when 17000 new homes were included for the Barnstaple and Bideford area in the emerging Local Plan, with more in other towns. He considered it important that parishes register their objections to the proposals.

It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.


107.     Planning 

1.              Applications:               No planning applications had been received.

2.              Decisions:                    None.




01.11.16 Š 2



108.     Correspondence

1.  Details of the BT Community Fibre Partnerships had been received whereby BT would provide match funding for communities not on their superfast broadband rollout, provided that it included a school.

Cllr Gockmann had contacted the school and had been informed that the school had a fast broadband connection in association with Pilton School. This meant that Goodleigh may not eligible for the scheme. It was noted that the village was too far from Exmoor to be included in the Air-Band scheme, and too far from the BT cabinet in Goodleigh road to be connected by fibre.

2.     The next Parish Forum would be at Brynsworthy on Tuesday 15 November at 7:00pm. The agenda would be circulated when available.

3.     NDC had enquired into the councilÕs Sandbag Policy. It was noted that the council did not have one as it was not thought that there was currently a need for sandbags in the village.

4.     Healthwatch Voices Š Autumn 2016.  Noted.

5.     Clerks and Councils Direct Š November 2016.  Noted.


109.     Surface Water/Drains/Highways

            It was reported that the drain opposite Northleigh Bottom needed clearing.

            The loose kerbstone in had not been fixed.


110.     Woodland Trust Proposals

The Chairman had met a representative from the Woodland Trust on site who explained that in the past the woodland had not been managed as intended. This had partly been rectified during the past two years, during which time a contractor had been employed.

In order to fulfil the current requirements, it would be necessary for some of the grassland to be grazed. This was an area to the west of the footpath.

            To facilitate dog walkers, it was agreed that the footpath would not be within the fenced area for grazing.

Before submitting the councilÕs support for the scheme, it was agreed to request a map showing what was being proposed. Cllr Gockmann to arrange.


111.     Repair of Seat

            Quotes were still awaited.


112.     Chapel Burial Ground Maintenance

                  Although the grass had been cut regularly, the hedges had become overgrown.

            It was agreed that the hedges should be cut Š Cllr Gockmann to arrange.


113.     Matters from the Chairman              

The balance remaining for defibrillator training etc currently stood at £559.31.

Cllr Gockmann reported that he had completely rebuilt the parish website, and had transferred all the information on the old one. It was now possible to easily add pages as required.

Cllr Gockmann was thanked for all the work involved in this.


114.     Finance

1.     Payments

J & J Bins                                             £  26.00                       Cheque No. 744

Goodleigh Village Hall Hire                 £  22.00                       Cheque No. 745

Mrs E Morris (Long Life Training)      £  70.00                       Cheque No. 746

A & B Contractors                               £219.00                       Cheque No. 747

ClerkÕs Salary & Expenses                   £  83.74                       Cheque No. 748

Mr D Mallibone Š grass cutting                        £700.00                       Cheque No. 749


The six accounts were approved for payment.


115.     Items for the next Agenda:

Co-option of Parish Councillor;  Composting Scheme;  Emergency Plan;  Cuts to Services at NDDH;  Road Warden Scheme;  Christmas Lunch;  Woodland Trust Proposals;  Repair of Seat.


116.     Date of next meeting: Tuesday 6 December 2016, at the Methodist Chapel.



117.     Items from the Public

            There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8:57 pm.