Goodleigh Parish Council

Goodleigh Parish Council usually meets at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month, all are welcome to attend.

The next scheduled meeting is 5th June in the village hall.

In addition to being available on this page, agendas and minutes are displayed on the noticeboard outside the village hall.

Chairman's Notes

Parish Boundary Review - The residents of Gunn have approached Goodleigh PC to suggest changing the parish boundaries so that Gunn is in Goodleigh Parish instead of Swimbridge Parish. It is early stages with more to discuss, but in principle Goodleigh PC had no objections to the proposal. If any residents have any views about this please let one of your councillors know or come to the next meeting to share your thoughts.

Acute Services Review - Many will be aware that there is an on-going acute services review, the scope of which includes services at North Devon Hospital. A formal briefing about the first stage has been published, a copy is available for download from the 'Meeting Minutes' sidebar.

Coombe Woods (updated 10Aug17) - The Woodland Trust are planning to implement seasonal grazing on the area to the west of the footpath through Coombe Woods. The Parish Council is supporting the Woodland Trust's proposal since it will ensure effective management of the habitat. Following feedback the Trust have agreed that the public footpath (which runs through the centre of the site) will be outside the grazing area and will remain free from livestock all year round.

I emailed the Woodland Trust earlier this month (August) to find out what the current plan is and whether there will be grazing this year, I will update here when I hear back from them.

Emergency Planning - We are working on an emergency plan, it is in the early stages, but if anyone wants to help out or has some ideas on things that should be included please let us know.

We have a mirror to install on the corner at the top of Church just needs Alex & Alex to be around at the same time to get it installed.

I contacted DCC Highways department to seek advice about options to prevent dangerous parking at junctions (generally, but not limited to, during school drop-off and pick-up). Their advice has been to recommend reporting dangerous parking to the police.

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