Neighbourhood Planning

Documents relevant to neighbourhood planning in Goodleigh are included in the sidebar.

A survey relevant to the current Neighbourhood Planning activity has been included in the list of documents, deadline for returns is end of April 2019.

For full details of the Local Plan, including its current status, visit North Devon Council's website

Rural Alliance Parish Plan - Goodleigh Extract

This was created several years ago based on a questionnaire sent to parishioners and is what Goodleigh PC used as the basis to decide what needed to be done (some of which was subsequently included in the draft rural plan).

Goodleigh Draft Rural Plan

This summarises the requirements defined by Goodleigh PC during the local planning process (2013-2014). It forms the basis of what NDC put in the Local Plan (see below).

Rural Strategies - Goodleigh

This is an extract of the section from the Local Plan relevant to Goodleigh, this is the one that really counts because it is the one that is being formally signed off by NDC with the Planning Inspectorate.


The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment documents are background information applicable to identifying areas of land that may be appropriate for development.