At this stage I am effectively managing things solo. I think until we have the costings in from BT this is an appropriate approach, I am really just kick-starting things at this stage.

Many of you will not know anything about me, work includes information risk, IT security architecture and data protection. Some of the systems I have been the principal consultant for have had budgets in the millions, so I am no stranger to corporate governance rules and structures.

My business systems are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and any information shared with me at this stage will only be processed in accordance with the Act.

When we have the full details available about costings and we are definitely going to try and raise the funding, I will seek assistance from others to create an organisation with a governance structure that ensures both data and any funds are legally safeguarded.

There are several options to consider, creating a charity for this purpose may be the most appropriate, but I am still investigating the pros and cons of each option. Another option is crowdfunding, which would reduce the amount of work, but can be quite punitive in terms of fees (5% or more). A combination of the two may be appropriate, but this is something for discussion at a later date.

Principles that will apply to this:

  • No expenses or salary will be payable to anyone involved with this, the implication of this is that I am likely to be paying for many aspects of this out of my pocket. This will in effect form part of my contribution to the funding gap, though obviously costs are non-refundable. The practical implication of this is that I am the only one at financial risk!
  • For the avoidance of doubt I will not benefit financially from this, my motivation is getting decent broadband for myself
  • Anonymity with respect to donations will be assured if requested
  • If we fail to reach our target, any funding raised through fundraising activities and thus by implication not refundable will be used for another community benefit
  • Obviously simple stuff like no single person able to withdraw funds or make payments will be applied

There will obviously be other stuff, but hopefully this gives you enough to be confident at this stage that this will be done properly.