Next Steps

Things that have been done:

  • Register Goodleigh interest in the scheme (17Sep17)
  • Community meeting to discuss and for people interested to provide property details (24Sep17)
  • Collate and submit information to BT (25Sep17)
  • Summary indicative costings received from BT, formal quote requested

The following maps show theoretical maximum speeds based on a single cabinet solution and is from information provided to me by OpenReach. Speeds are at the poles (distribution points hence DP references), if you want to know what pole you are connected to take a look should be able to work out roughly which one you are on.

I have annotated the speeds in ranges for simplicity. The lowest speed at the furthest point from the cabinet (Dean Cottages) is approximately 15Mbps. In theory the highest is 80Mbps.

Actual speed will be dependent on the broadband service you pay for and they are not make any life-changing decisions based on this information!

I will have another meeting at some point soon to discuss cost etc, but I am too busy at the moment (sorry). For the avoidance of doubt, delaying the meeting will not delay the installation of fibre.

Oh and apologies - I have not resized the images because although that means they will be a pain to download, I think that is better than having an image that is too blurry.

Indicative fibre speeds 1Indicative fibre speeds 2