There are some common suggestions related to the provision of fibre broadband in Goodleigh that are either incorrect or impractical, summarised below.

My understanding is that BT have a commercial model based on projected break-even within 13 years. Any installations that fail this ’test' will not be fibre enabled without additional funding from somewhere. Writing letters of complaint, no matter the volume, or who they are from cannot change the fact that from a commercial perspective the sums do not add up for Goodleigh.
Whether from a moral perspective this is right or wrong is irrelevant and will not get fibre to the village.

Fibre may be required for the proposed mobile mast, so I have enquired about the possibility of tagging onto the back of this if it is required, but due to the number of different parties involved it seems it is simply not practically feasible. Unfortunately we are simply to small to be able to influence a procurement process that has multiple stakeholders.
The one benefit that it could bring is that if it is installed before we can get something done (assuming we can), then it will speed up the installation because the route for the fibre will have been 'proved'.

The school does not have fibre. It has a locally provisioned service that I believe is managed from Pilton Community College. My guess is that it is dedicated line, which enables them to achieve better speeds than the rest of us (approximately 8Mb/s), it may be fibre that is installed on the last leg into the school, but from all the information I have been able to get the line from Barnstaple is copper - and this is what causes the 'bottleneck'.