Crime Prevention

There have been some instances of crime in Goodleigh, mostly thefts from sheds / garages / gardens and also theft of fuel from vehicles and heating oil tanks.

The following are some relevant thoughts.

Street Lighting

The street lights through the village are switched off overnight to save energy / money. During the consultation (several years ago) my recollection is that the advice was having them switched off did not increase incidents of crime, or put another way they are not a deterrent.

However, following the theft of fuel from parked vehicles the question has been posed of whether some or all of the street lights should be left on in the interest of crime prevention.

To ensure that any request made by the parish council to make a change to the street lighting in Goodleigh is based on sound reasoning I have sent a message to the local policing team to ask whether they would support such a request - if they do not it is unlikely that the county council will reinstate all night lighting.


This is not something the parish council has ever discussed, so the following are personal observations of the chairman.

This is an option which sounds like a good idea soon after a crime, but there are some good reasons why it is not routinely implemented.

To ensure privacy is appropriately maintained there are strict controls relevant to processing of data captured by CCTV covering public spaces.

Many people may not be aware that the legislation is equally applicable to private CCTV if it overlooks a public area.

I also suspect that the cost of implementing and running such a service would be prohibitive.

Irrespective of the budget constraint, I do not think the parish council would be able to effectively manage a CCTV system and data covering public areas. There is also a much wider question about whether it would be appropriate from a privacy perspective.